IMG_9145Will Preston was first introduced to most music fans several years ago with the release of his debut CD, It’s My Will, on the West King Entertainment imprint, but long before then, this multitalented singer/songwriter was laying the foundation for his foray onto the music scene.  Growing up in Virginia, Will always knew that music was his calling.  A quick read of the liner notes of his first release tells of how he was fascinated with his grandmother’s vast collection of records and how he imagined as a young boy that he would one day see himself on the cover of an album.  He never lost sight of that vision and completed his first official recording, There’s Still Time, while attending the esteemed George Mason University, where he earned a degree in Finance.  The excitement of that experience further intensified his passion for writing and creating melodies.  He continued to write and amassed an impressive arsenal of love songs, many of which found their way onto his 2005 debut.

Fueled by stellar ballads such as We Should’ve Stayed, Second Chance, and Afterplay along with the upbeat gems It’s Real, My Love, Queen and others, It’s My Will arrived at a time when R&B music was making a comeback after being largely overshadowed by the preeminence of Hip Hop for nearly a decade.  It’s no surprise that indie soul artists were at the helm of that movement, and Will’s sultry vocals paired with his timely lyrics instantly placed him in great company at the forefront of that soul renaissance.

It’s My Will garnered rave reviews worldwide and was featured on many of the most well-known and respected websites and radio stations.  Numerous magazine articles and television appearances also helped fuel the debut’s success, which went on to gain worldwide distribution and licensing deals in the UK, Japan, Germany, Spain, Canada, The Netherlands and many other territories, solidifying its reputation as one of the most significant debut efforts by an independent artist.  Its success not only proved that R&B was still a viable genre but also that a new voice had emerged that would forever be added to an elite list of R&B masters.

Will followed up his debut release with Caught In The Act…The LIVE Experience, an impressive double disc CD/DVD that gave fans a more intimate look at the R&B crooner and his artistry.  Most of the live set was filled with familiar Preston tunes that showcased new live arrangements.  The accompanying DVD provided an excellent front row seat to an unforgettable evening.   After that release, Will took a break from recording and performing to enroll at the University of West Georgia where he earned a Masters of Business Education degree.  This achievement opened the door for him to pursue another lifelong ambition by adding the title of Professor to his growing list of accomplishments.

He returned to the spotlight with his 2013 release #reacquainted where he teamed up once again with Billboard charting producer Funkeeboy, who largely produced It’s My Will, on four of the songs, proving that the duo still had the “IT” factor.  True to his signature style, Will delivered with a distinction that is totally unique.  Vocally, #reacquainted showcased Will’s dynamic range on songs like I Gave My All, Candy Coated Raindrops, Falling in Love, Painful Times and others.  Upbeat tracks like Bring Back the Days, and the funky My Book presented an edgier sound than we’d heard from Will in the past, but one that proved his ability to move beyond the comfort zone with ease.  His natural penchant as a lyricist is evident throughout the project.  The buzz surrounding the project’s release led to a nomination for Best R&B Male Artist at the highly coveted Georgia Music Awards ahead of the CD’s release.  

Now will returns with his newest single Never Knew Love as he prepares for the release of his upcoming project due out in October.  Written by Will, Never Knew Love is a mid-tempo emotional groove that has a memorable flair.  Will’s rich vocals paired with the sensuous guitar driven track provide the perfect backdrop to usher in the mood.