Dusty Groove Gets Reacquainted with Will Preston

9/15/13 – Check out this recent review by Dusty Groove:  


We’re getting reacquainted with the music of Will Preston all over again – thanks to this sweet little set and its really fresh sound! Will’s vocals are very much at the level of his previous two sets – but the groove here is even greater, and bristles with lots of nice crackle right from the outset – a renewed sort of energy that sets the record on fire right from the start, then keeps things burning with a steady flame that really works great for Preston’s vocals. Will sings with a sense of personality that keeps the set far from any overdone cliches – and there’s an upfront feel to the whole record that we really love. Titles include “Bring Back The Days”, “I Gave My All”, “Emotions In It”, “Falling In Love”, “My Book”, “Painful Times”, and “Candy Coated Raindrops”.