What's Happening

It’s time…

1/30/17 – I feel like y’all could use some new music right now.  It has the tendency to relieve some stress.  In the studio as we speak!! wp

Can you take the Pain?

11/17/15 – Painful Times is the newest single release from #reacquainted. Be sure to request it on your favorite internet, satellite,  and mainstream stations. 

10 Years of Soul

2/15/2015 – It’s been ten years since Will Preston stepped into the music arena with his debut release, It’s My Will. That twelve track collection of ballads and mid-tempo love songs quickly established him as a rising star on the indie R&B scene. The CD was an instant favorite and garnered rave reviews worldwide. It

What would you like to hear?

1/13/15 – Send Will a message and let him know what song you’d love to hear him cover.  will@willpreston.com or reach him on Facebook @ Will Preston Music, Twitter@thewillpreston

Are You Connected?

Be sure to connect with Will on social media: Twitter: @thewillpreston Instagram: @thewillpreston FB: Will Preston Music Youtube: Will Preston

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