What's Happening

New Holiday Single – This Time of Year

11/20/20 – Will recently teamed up with American Idol finalist Vincent Powell to record his first ever holiday single This Time of Year.  Packed with rich melodies and nostalgic lyrics, this soulful holiday ballad will have music lovers adding the song to their holiday playlists year after year.  Download today!

Phone Now Ringing

10/23/20 – Will’s latest single Phone Don’t Ring is available for download and streaming at all major music outlets.  Go get it!

Will Plans to Keep it Real with Miss Stevie

Tune in live to IGTV on Saturday; October 24th at 4:00 pm as Will sits down with Miss Stevie Keep it Real, the self described Queen of Haute Couture Fashion, Beauty, and Style.  To view, join @thewillpreston or @miss_steviekeepitreal  

Will Preston Pleads Phone Don’t Ring

10/19/20 – The latest single from Will’s upcoming album is entitled Phone Don’t Ring and is scheduled for worldwide release Friday, October 23rd.  Check out Will’s Instagram for snippets of the song and to stay connected (@thewillpreston).

Never Knew Love Available at all Media Outlets

8/28/2020 – Download or stream Never Knew Love today!  Available at all music outlets.

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