What's Happening

It’s time…

2/16/2020 – I feel like y’all are ready for some new music.  So am I.  In the studio as we speak!! wp

Can you take the Pain?

11/17/15 – Painful Times is the newest single release from #reacquainted. Be sure to request it on your favorite internet, satellite,  and mainstream stations. 

10 Years of Soul

2/15/2015 – It’s been ten years since Will Preston stepped into the music arena with his debut release, It’s My Will. That twelve track collection of ballads and mid-tempo love songs quickly established him as a rising star on the indie R&B scene. The CD was an instant favorite and garnered rave reviews worldwide. It

What would you like to hear?

1/13/15 – Send Will a message and let him know what song you’d love to hear him cover.  will@willpreston.com or reach him on Facebook @ Will Preston Music, Twitter@thewillpreston

Are You Connected?

Be sure to connect with Will on social media: Twitter: @thewillpreston Instagram: @thewillpreston FB: Will Preston Music Youtube: Will Preston

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