What's Happening

69 Feels Good

11/16/2013 – Will Preston’s single Candy Coated Raindrops shows no sign of backing down on the FMQB AC Top 200 national music chart.  The single landed at #69 setting a new record.  Candy Coated Raindrops has moved up in chart position on the national charts every week since it’s release. 

A New High

10/25/13 – Candy Coated Raindrops hit a new Peak Position on the FMQB AC Top 200 this week.  The song jumps four spots to land at #74.  Gaining momentum.

A Quadruple

10-12-13 – Candy Coated Raindrops makes another nice jump on the FMQB AC Top 200 landing at #77.  (Up 4 spots)

Major Gains at Radio for Will Preston’s Candy

10/5/13 – Candy Coated Raindrops sees a double-digit jump on the FMQB AC Top 200 chart this week as it ascends 13 slots to secure the #81 post. 

The Howard Dukes Review

9/29/13 – Noted music journalist Howard Dukes recently published a very thorough and descriptive review of #reacquainted for Soultracks.com.  He is known for his honest and thought provoking analysis of today’s R&B scene.  You can read the review in it’s entirety below.  Also check out many of his other articles and reviews at Soultracks.com. #reacquainted,

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