Seasons Change

9/15/13 – Fall is in the air, football season is upon us, Mayweather is still undefeated…….what else…….oh yea and #reacquainted is doing great!!  What else could we ask for?  Just taking a moment to check in.  Can’t believe that we’re heading into fall.  It seems like summer just arrived.  I’m cool though; I like fall.  I’ve always thought that people look better in fall and winter.  They put more care into how they dress.  The heat of summer gives people a free pass at the often questionable deficiency of attire.  

Musically, I’m planning for a packed end of the year.  Some exciting things coming up that aren’t quite finalized, but just know that good things are in the works.  Stay close to stay in the know.  I’m gonna go for now.  I’m home in Atlanta this weekend and the Falcons play at 1:00 today.  You know what they say….”When in Rome…”  So let’s hope they pull off a victory.  Continue to promote the project to everyone you know, and don’t know :)  I’ll check back in with you real soon!

Until next time…