Spinning in a World of Music

9/2/13 – I’m sitting here on a rainy day looking out over Atlanta, listening to Bill Randle’s The Science of Soul Radio show, and reflecting on the whirlwind that has ensued since release date.  So much is happening and it can get a bit overwhelming as an indie artist, but this is what it’s all about.  Thank you for continuing to promote the project.  I read the emails/posts, and I’m thankful that you all seem to be really enjoying the project.  Candy Coated Raindrops continues to move up the national charts and I’m excited that we just may break the Top 100 next week.  Can’t wait to see the chart stats at the end of the week.  I’ve been featured on many radio shows, blogs, and websites and I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy them.  Special shout out to A Bowl of Love w/Professor T-Love, Chris Rizik and the Soultracks crew, The Chill Zone, DJ Heavy, Bill Randle – The Science of Soul, Colin Curtis – Just Muzic, Soul Sermon Mixup.  Many more things to come and I’ll definitely keep you posted via FB, Twitter, and others.  Continue to check the website for the most current news and info.

I’m a big supporter of local music stores and hope that you are as well.  Many of our local music establishments are closing up shop under pressure from new avenues of acquiring music, most notably downloading.  I do my fair share of downloading, but nothing can replace the joy of going to purchase a tangible copy of my favorite music.  Maybe I’m just old school, but I want to see, feel, and read the product.  These local stores have recently added #reacquainted to their collection: Skippy Whites – Roxbury, MA; Dimensions Music – Baltimore, MD; The Music Experience – Chicago, IL; Nikki’s Music – Cleveland, OH; Sound of Market – Philadelphia, PA; Stedeford’s Record Shop – Pittsburgh, PA.  Go get it!!

Hoping to see you real soon at an upcoming show or event!