Will's Journal

Music Fan First

10/27/2013 – It’s been a little longer than I had anticipated, but thought I’d better take time to catch up while the opportunity presented itself.  All is well on the music front.  The cd is doing remarkably well.  Candy Coated Raindrops reached a new high on the national singles charts last week.  It finished the

Chart Watcher…

10/7/13 – I hope you guys have been following the chart trends for Candy Coated Raindrops (CCR), or at least my updates.  Each week, I find myself anticipating the latest chart position.  Never thought I’d actually be one to be so enthralled by chart movement, but I must admit I’m slightly hooked.  Honestly, I’m just

Seasons Change

9/15/13 – Fall is in the air, football season is upon us, Mayweather is still undefeated…….what else…….oh yea and #reacquainted is doing great!!  What else could we ask for?  Just taking a moment to check in.  Can’t believe that we’re heading into fall.  It seems like summer just arrived.  I’m cool though; I like fall.

Spinning in a World of Music

9/2/13 – I’m sitting here on a rainy day looking out over Atlanta, listening to Bill Randle’s The Science of Soul Radio show, and reflecting on the whirlwind that has ensued since release date.  So much is happening and it can get a bit overwhelming as an indie artist, but this is what it’s all

Recapping Release Week

8/17/13 – Hey!!!  What a busy week it’s been.  Release day was Tuesday, and it’s been non-stop since then.  I’m glad to finally be on this end of the project.  Release day is really just the beginning.  Now it’s time to get out here and promote the project.  Thanks for all of the tweets, re-tweets,

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