(I. Tod, Funkeeboy, Leila)

I know what you’re waiting for
What you need is so much more
A moment when you’ll feel secure
After all the loving’s done
I know it’s not about the timing
What you need is more sublime
A moment when his heart and mind
Reaches yours to become one


The art of making love
Is in the afterplay
When your body has been spent
And now there you lay
In the moment so uncertain
When you’re so filled with fear
You need someone to hold you

I don’t always know the words
Couldn’t always heal the hurt
I hope that I have shown my worth
Standing there to brace the fall
I don’t always have a plan
Couldn’t always understand
But I know that he’s not the man
If he believes it’s only physical


I’m not talking about foreplay
I’m not talking about making love
I’m talking about (3x)
The after, the after, the after, the afterplay

Hook to fade

✔ Produced by “Funkeeboy” for Funkeeboy Music
✔ Background Vocals: Leila and Karimel