Bring Back The Days



(Funkee Boy) Funkee Boy Music, SESAC

Remember the days in school
Everyone dressed up all cute
Bell would ring and we’d be off to the park
Remember way back when neighbors always helped pitch in
Warning get your butt home before dark
Somehow they always knew
What was really best for you
Even when you tried to act all cool
Didn’t want to start no shit
‘Cause Mamma wasn’t having it
So boy you best not act a fool


Bring back the days when lessons would be learned
Respect had to be earned right from the start
Bring back the days when we helped one another
Looked up to our elders
And love filled our hearts

Remember way back when
Music was inspiring
They weren’t just spinning the same old thing
Never had no earphones in, yet couldn’t stop from listening
And all the songs they played were saying something
Those were just some happy times
Filled with rhythm , filled with rhyme
Life wasn’t all hurry up and wait
People would sit face to face
Never had to fear a place
And we would talk to communicate

(Hook 2x)




✔ Produced by Funkee Boy for Funkee Boy Music
✔ Background Vocals: Leila, Tevin Michael
✔ Beat Production by Funkee Boy for Funkee Boy Music