Candy Coated Raindrops



(W. Preston) West King Publishing, ASCAP/

Sending roses
Sending cards
Sending candy and notes everyday
Girl there’s something about your love
That’s got me feeling some kind of way
I never thought that I would find a love to make me cry
But when I think of you
Deep inside I realize that I
I’m a lucky guy


Candy coated raindrops are falling from my eyes
I can’t believe the love we share is making me cry
But those candy coated raindrops are falling from my eyes
There’s no pain or sorrow that I feel
But it’s for you that I cry

Spending money
Buying things
Girl I’m giving you whatever you like
It doesn’t matter if the funds run low
I’m gonna make you feel alright
See you’re the kind of girl a man would want to make his wife
If I don’t make my move
Someone will and I might lose my mind
It’s time to do what’s right


My love is growing for you everyday it seems
Can’t imagine a life with no you and me
I’m glad that I realized
All that I had right before my eyes
Sometimes love can get away
But through it all we remain
Lovers for life
A table for two
Together forever
Just me and you


✔ Produced by Will Preston for West King Music
✔ All vocals by Will Preston
✔ Beat Production by Al Fraser for Smooth Beats Only