Help Me Remember



(W. Preston) West King Publishing, ASCAP

I look back through my texts
My messages and my pictures
And I know
You must’ve meant something to me
It’s clear that I loved you
Had deep feelings for you
I don’t know
It’s just the way it seems


Can you remember
Help me remember
The way we used to be
I should remember
But I don’t remember
What you meant to me

I must have blocked you out
From my life and all of my memories
Well I know
It must have been painful for me
So did you ever love me
Or was I in love lonely
I don’t know
It’s still a mystery to me

(Hook 2x’s)

Somewhere along the way
Something went wrongI cannot say
But I wouldn’t have gone on with my life
If you had given me a reason to stay

What happened
I don’t know
Something happened
I just don’t know
It’s coming back now
Now I think I know



✔ Produced by Will Preston for West King Music
✔ All vocals by Will Preston
✔ Beat Productionby Al Fraser