I Gave My All



(V. Ezell, Funkee Boy) Funkee Boy Music, SESAC; V. Ezell, ASCAP

I don’t know what to say
Don’t know what else to do
I came up short once again
Put all my hopes on you
There’s nothing left to give
Nothing to gain in return
Just the emptiness of a broken heart
Another lesson I have learned


I gave my all
When I gave you my heart
But you disappeared right before my eyes
And tore it all apart
I gave my all
From the very start
All the hopes and dreams have all shattered
Along with my heart

I remember our first time
When your eyes met mine
How I pulled you in, touched your skin
Made everything just right
I had so many thoughts running through my mind
But you have to know
I loved you so
No regrets to leave behind

(Hook 3x)

✔ Produced by Funkee Boy for Funkee Boy Music
✔ Background Vocals: Rufus Williams
✔ Beat Production by Funkee Boy for Funkee Boy Music