I Understand



(W. Preston) West King Publishing, ASCAP

Keep your head up
Don’t be down
Keep your head up
Don’t be down

Don’t give up on your search
Even when it doesn’t seem to work
Everyday’s a new adventure
Brand new doors for you to enter
If you want it, you gotta believe it
You’re chasing love, but stand still to receive it
And when it comes you’ll know it’s yours
There’s no way you could ignore it


I understand what you’re looking for
The road you’re on I’ve been before
You feel so lost and yes all alone
You gotta find your way back home
An empty love and a heart that’s poor
Will fuel your pain but won’t get you far
Don’t hang on to the things that hurt
Release them now and watch things work

Your heart’s been broke, I know it’s hurt
Visions of love are now just a blur
Don’t seek refuge in isolation
You’ve got to move beyond the situation
Faith in love restores the hope
Resisting it will keep you all alone
Make a choice it’s live or die
Everyday I live and I shoot for the sky


You’re standing there all alone
Like the words without a song
You need a melody to carry on
It’s not easy to believe
In what we cannot see
Just trust in your heart
You will receive



✔ Produced by Will Preston for West King Music
✔ All vocals by Will Preston
✔ Beat Production by Al Fraser for Smooth Beats Only