If Love Says So



(W. Preston)

We wondered if this love would last
And we wondered if the time would pass
When we’d have to leave and face the world alone
Like a fairy tale that comes to an end
And every dream we’ve had is gone


But if love says so
Then I must go
I don’t wanna leave
But love’s telling me
And if love says so
Then I gotta go
I’d rather leave you alone
Than have you here
In an unhappy home

We tried to keep this love so right
And we tried to keep it in our sight
But now it’s time to leave and move out on our own
This life we’ve shared has come to an end
And all of the joy is gone


Love told me
Love told me so
Love told me so

Trumpet Solo

Hook to fade

✔ Produced by “Funkeeboy” for Funkeeboy Music
✔ Background Vocals: Will and Leila
✔ All instruments: “Funkeeboy”