Mr. DJ



(W. Preston) West King Publishing, ASCAP

Party going on
People standing around
Everybody wondering what’s going down
Haven’t seen you in fourteen days
Wondering if you’ll recall my name
Mr. DJ on the ones and twos
On the dance floor just me and you
Trying to see if we connect
Like we did the night we met
And as we move from side to side
Holding arms and locking eyes
The tension starts to leave
As we begin to breathe


All I think about is the way you walk (that’s true)
All I dream about is the way you talk (that too)
And the way you move with me
Our steps in harmony
Oh the DJ knows he’s wrong
Over there he’s playing our song
Mr. DJ
Mr. DJ

Pulse is racing
Better slow it down
Gonna be a long night stick around
I’ve been waiting for this night
I won’t let you leave my sight
Took too long to get back here
Boss is mad ‘cause I’m not there
And if were he’d still be mad
Cause I can’t get you out my head
I’ve had one dream for two whole weeks
Thoughts of you seducing me
Oh girl I’m glad I came
I’d give up everything


Play our song
All night long
Keep it going
Till the break of dawn


✔ Produced by Will Preston for West King Music
✔ All vocals by Will Preston
✔ Beat Production by Al Fraser for Smooth Beats Only