Second Chance



(W. Preston)

I may not have done all the right things
I may not have said all the right words
I even failed to realize
How bad it hurt you when I lied
Girl I know your heart is hurting
And mine is aching too
But I can’t sleep at night
Because there’s one thing
One thing I need from you


A second chance is all I need
To prove to you what I can be
A second chance to show my love
To give you all of me

I know that I promised to love you
I know that I may have let you down
I didn’t even know that
I could treat you so bad
Girl I know that I’ve done wrong
And I can make it up
If you just trust in me
I will prove
Prove this thing to you


✔ Produced by “Funkeeboy” for Funkeeboy Music
✔ Background Vocals: Leila and Karimel