The Letter



(W. Preston)

I found a letter from your old friend
He said he’d be coming to town
He just wanted to catch up on old times
Dinner, a movie, hanging at the crib
See, I found this letter two days ago
And he said he’d be leaving on tomorrow


I had to find this man
And I had to reach him in time
There’s no need to come this way
You’re wasting your time
So move on be strong
Peace out she’s mine

I never meant to hurt the man
I had to tell him you were mine
I didn’t want him to come this far holding on to false hope
I know you might be mad from what I told your friend
But if you wanted him
You should’ve stayed back then

Hook to fade

✔ Produced by “Funkeeboy” for Funkeeboy Music
✔ Produced by “Funkeeboy” for Funkeeboy Music