This Time of Year



(W. Preston) West King Publishing, ASCAP


I started thinking
About this time of year
Everyone’s getting ready
To spread some holiday cheer
And as I reflected
On the things from my past
Those feelings from childhood
Will always be the best


Somehow along the way
It seems that things have changed
Remember yesterday
Oh boy it’s not the same
And though we still have joy
We laugh and celebrate
I think about the fun
We had back in those days


Remember the family
The loud and crazy scene
Somebody would have too much
And they got a little tipsy
But that’s when you knew that
You were about to have some fun
The laughter and kindness
That was shown by everyone

(Hook 2x)

Did you do the same things (Will)
Did y’all act the same way(Will)

We did the same things(Vince)
And yes we acted the same way (Vince)

We sang Frosty the Snowman (Vince)
Rudolph the Reindeer (Will)
Away in a Manger (Vince)
And Jingle Bell too (Will)
O Come All Ye Faithful (Vince)
And Under the Mistletoe (Will)

That’s what I think about this time of year(Both)

(Hook 2x)

Somehow along the way (Vince)
Something started to change (Vince)
We lost a few here and there (Will)
And we still have fun but it’s not the same (Will)

This time of year (Vince)
This time of year (Vince)
This time of year (Will)

✔ Produced by Will Preston for West King Music
✔ All vocals by Will Preston and Vincent Powell
✔ Beat Production by Al Fraser