We Should’ve Stayed



(Rich Akins)

Lately I’ve been thinking about
The way that things turned out
How could anyone explain
Why we took for granted a true love between us
I was there for you, (You were there for me)
We had it going strong, yes we did
So girl why’d we let the little things make us fuss and break us up
And made us say so long


We should’ve stayed together
In a love lasting all through our days
Heaven made us for each other
We let a good thing slip away

Ever since we went our own way
Each night I wake up to my worst dream
You’re with someone else
But you’re the one that Heaven sent to be with me
(An empty beat in my heart), I can’t believe it girl
We ended up apart, How’d that happen
But baby what a mistake
What we had was a once in a lifetime


Girl, now only memories remain
Is it true, you’re getting a new last name
But we both know the truth
We should’ve worked it out
Now we’re here talking ‘bout

✔ Produced by “Funkeeboy” for Funkeeboy Music
✔ Background Vocals: Karimel